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Tools and Toolkits

XML Configurator Toolkit
  • Configure individual applications without any expert programming. Especially for our linux based terminals.  
  • Linux developers kit for embedded systems e.g. our TRM series
SQL Database Viewer
  • Viewer software for SQL databases / SQL servers for Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Including converter into XLS CSV Excel or XML data formats.
FTP Transfer / Automatic Software Client
  • FTP client for automatic software transfer
  • Various configuration possible
Virtual Keyboard
  • Virtual keyboard with Microsoft Windows processing monitor
  • Transfers input direct to various running processes
Development Starter Kit System
  • Linux Terminal with barcode / RFID / SQL support
  • For getting started in your own industrial data capturing solutions
VT100 Telnet Client
  • VT100 Telnet Client for industrial applications
  • Especially designed for rough industrial terminals, e.g. series TRM816