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TRM416/816-PZE-SQL: Featurelist Time Attendance with SQL - Industrial Line

  Standard Option
Mini Terminal, PC x86 based, directly for mounting in roughly up to extremely environments X  
Water- and dust protected keyboard, usable with gloves, for environment temperatures -10/-20...+60/70C X  
Excellent readable textdisplay with big characters. Available as system with 8 or 4 lines. Backlighted. X  
TOP LOW Power - less then 10 watts power consumption. Designed for 24/7 use. X  
TOP RFID transponder reader for easy and comfortable reading of RFID tags. X  
TOP Preconfigured software for terminal system, time collection of personal numbers, RFID reading X  
Additional keyboard input before (or after) RFID reading. Stops user input errors X  
TOP Automatically time stamp with day, hour, minute, second X  
TOP Time synchronsiation with NTP server in internet / intranet X  
TOP Integrated SQL client: online transfer about ethernet network to SQL server (preconfigured: client for MS SQL 2005 Express version, optionally mySQL client) X  
Spooling mode. Temorary local savings of information if the SQL server or network is down.   X
Additional memory for personal file for persons with user access. Fields: personal ID, RFID code, name. X X
Security function: digital output (2x) for for direct door opening   X
Security messaging: terminal can create and send mail if a special situation is reached (or a special person entered / leaved)   X
Personal messaging: individual textinformation messages are available for every person, can be shown inside display during START / END / ACCESS   X
Integrated FTP / telnet server. For data transfer and remote control in network X  
Integrated webserver. For remote control with webserver   X
Individual software configuration, e.g. translation in native language, more functions and more. Available with XML configuration toolkit. X  
Easy to use, no computer knowledge needed X  


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