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PC Software PZE-TRM21-WIN - Featurelist

  Standard Option
TOP SQL client for using a MS SQL database (currently: MS SQL Server 2005 Express Edition) X  
PC software with user friendly interface, english or german version, for MS Windows X  
Supports a PERSONAL file for accesable persons with fields personal ID, RFID code, name. Additional fields posible. X X
Gives information about time details login / logout about every person. X  
TOP Marker for CURRENT AVAILABALE persons - see where is there in the moment X  
TOP Listgenerator - print time results for a selected person X  
TOP XML export - export time results into XML datafile X  
TOP CSV data export - export time results into CSV data format e.g. for MS Excel or OpenOffice CALC   X
Integrated FTP transfer. Upload your personal table to terminal system. X  
Messagesystem. Specify a message for a person, the message will be shown inside the LC display of the terminal if the person enter / leaves   X
Door control. Select marker for DOOR OPEN if the person enter with RFID code   X
Correct feature: user can correct or additional input ENTER / LEAVE information directly in database (This minimizes possible user input errors) X  


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