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PPS Lite Production Planing System - AE PRODPLAN - Preview

PC software for production planing:

  • Simple administration of your working jobs at your PC, via mobile Handheld device or industrial terminal system
  • Administration and planing of working jobs, allocation to personal and machines
  • Download possibility for working jobs into industrial terminal system at machine, data import into JOB & TIME TRM possible
  • DONE marker at PC, handheld or terminal at the machine
  • After finished the software exports the data into XLS / CSV / XML data file for further data processing, e.g. for exact analysis of working time between order entry, order planing, order finished
  • Free definable table cols for machines or production places (or whatever you need)
  • Free definable table rows for personal or time (or whatever you need)
  • Sime working planing with mouse